Presented here is are just a few examples of user experience work I've been a part of, including UI and interaction design, usability, and information architecture. As much of my work cannot be shared here, please contact us for a complete portfolio walk-through.

AKORRI: Enhancing the UX of Virtual Data Center Management


Akorri BalancePoint is an innovative new data center management software product that helps enterprises fix problems, optimize utilization, and improve performance for both virtual and physical servers and storage. Over the course of a multi-phase, multi-year engagement, we helped Akorri conduct usability studies, redesign BalancePoint's UX architecture and UI, and add important new features and UI enhancements across multiple releases. The product has achieved rapid customer acquisition and received a number of software industry awards, including a Gold Award from SearchServerVirtualization.Com: "BalancePoint's easy going interfaces can get administrators up and running quickly with the information they need to make informed decisions on their virtual infrastructure."

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BING TWITTER: Innovation With Real-Time Social Search


While serving as a product designer at Microsoft Startup Labs, I was part of the UX team on the new Bing Twitter product launch. Time Magazine wrote of product's debut:"Bing-Twitter search... allows users to separate the most popular embedded links from the tweets that surround them, allowing people to understand the source of a conversation without having to endure the din surrounding it. Bing-Twitter also expands a tweet's bit url and shows users the real domain, creating greater transparency before you click. In short, Bing makes Twitter make sense."

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PARTNERS: Communicating Professionalism and Responsiveness Online


Partners Healthcare wanted to enhance the user experience and usability of their research management portal. They also wanted to create tools to migrate an existing paper-based clinical research process into a new digital workflow within the portal experience. Serving as interaction designer, information architect, and usability consultant, I helped the Partners team of developers, business analysts, and other stakeholders create a new enterprise user experience for their portal. Together, we also created a new online submission tool optimizing a major step in the clinical research approval process. I also led usability testing, using the Listening Lab approach and rapid prototypes, to help refine and optimize designs based on user interaction and feedback.

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SHARE THE COST: Bridging Social Collaboration and Money Matters


Share the Cost, a pilot project at Microsoft Startup Labs, was a new Web-based product that allowed people to share, manage, and collect money for group activities such as group dinners, sports leagues, group gifts, group travel plans, and more. While serving as product designer on the MSSL team, I helped lead UX and usability efforts to define and develop the product from a very early-stage concept, using an agile process and focusing on iterative design, rapid prototyping and user feedback. The user experience featured many Web 2.0 UI patterns such as progressive disclosure and inline editing.

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TRAVELGOAT: An Urban Storytelling Comunity and Podcasting Experience


TravelGoat is an exciting, innovative new concept blending aspects of urban travel, guided tours, podcasting, and oral storytelling into one exciting and engaging online experience. Travelgoat community members can discover new places and interesting stories from real people, as well as making their own own professional mark in the new MP3 story-telling/story-casting arena. We worked with the TravelGoat team to help redesign their brand and their user experience, including the visual design, interaction design, and information architecture. The current beta site focuses on New York City, with a plan to roll out the model to other major metro areas in the future.

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CLASSHOPPER: A Web-Based, User-Friendly School Experience


ClassHopper, currently in beta mode, is a start-up with an innovative offering for the K-12 market that offers a comprehensive, integrated suite of Web-based tools designed specifically for educators and their students. Features include shared calendars, content sharing, blogs, e-mail messaging, photo galleries, and the ability to easily create customized, virtual classroom and activitity areas. We helped the ClassHopper team redesign their user experience, including new visual and naming concepts, a new approach to navigation, and enhanced usability across the tool suite.



MESHPACK: Social Collaboration and Sharing Across Devices


While serving as product designer at Microsoft Startup Labs, I led the UX design for Meshpack, a set of four applications meant to demonstrate the promise of the Live Mesh data sync and sharing platform across the desktop, the Web, and mobile devices. The applications included MeshLists, Collaborative Crossword, Corkboard, and Crowdvote.




Red98: Effective Branding for an Interactive Brand Builder

Red98 Sample Web Site

While serving as Red98's creative director, I helped create a new site for the agency, focusing on its core capabilities: user-centered design, communications, tools, and applications. The site featured an extensive online portfolio, an interactive timeline, and a look and feel combining urban colors and textures with retro black-and-white photography. The site served as an effective lead generation tool and helped to initiate a number of new business relationships. The site received a Standard of Excellence Webaward from the Web Marketing Association and was a Finalist for Best Technology Services Web Site from the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council.

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